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Nite GTLS GlowRing Tritium Marker Fob Key-ring

Nite GTLS GlowRing Tritium Marker Fob Key-ring

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Nite GTLS Tritium GlowRing

Utilising the very latest military innovation, the Nite Glowring is a self powered Gas Tritium Light Source (GTLS) that mean's it's one of the longest lasting glow in the dark products available to the general public, with a life span of over ten years.

With a thousand and one uses, the Glowrings make for brilliant cheap gift ideas because almost anyone could find a use for one and wonder how they lived without it. Find your keys in the bottom of your bag, see Rover at the bottom of the garden in the dark, find your keychain at night in total darkness, even use it as a night-time fishing lure - every time we stop and think, we come up with a dozen more applications.

These are the original Swiss made Trigalight Tritium capsules as used in many high-end Swiss made watches.

The electric energy in the trigalight is generated by the tritium gas, a low beta emitter. When decaying the tritium looses electrons. When such an electron hits the powder layer it is captured and transformed into light.

Available in a range of tritium colours to choose from!

  • Tritium Vial Glows for over ten years
  • Contains a 3mm x 22.5mm Tritium Vial
  • Dimensions approx 48mm/1.89" height by 10mm/0.39" diameter
  • Weight 6g
  • 20mm Diameter Split-Ring included
  • Does not require light to recharge, self-powered, glows continuously
  • Polycarbonate shell with Split Ring
  • Can be seen from 30 feet
  • Waterproof to 30metres
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