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T323-3W Reactor

T323-3W Reactor

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Tritium vials are included (Three 3x22.5mm vials) - please select three colors or mix of colors from the tritium color choices.

For the ultimate in one-of-a-kind tritium glow fobs, look no further than the TEC Isotope Reactor. The Reactor Fob is designed to hold three glass tritium vials (included) which will glow continuously for many years without the need to charge them from sunlight or UV light. The Reactor is configured to provide the highest visibility of mounted tritium vials than any other Isotope model we offer. The virtually unobstructed view of three 3mm x 23mm tritium vials in different colors gives off an amazing glow, and the vials are well protected by the Ti-6Al-4V titanium construction and durable borosilicate glass window.

The tritium vials are easy to install, and the design provides a simple way to remove the vials if you want to exchange them for different colors. In addition, O-rings are integrated at both ends of the glass window to provide a water resistant assembly. Please refer to the "Installation" tab for details. 

Locate your bags in that pitch-black hotel room, find your keys in the dark, or simply have the most unique glowing charm suspended from your car's rear view mirror. Whether you use the Isotope Reactor as a functional zipper pull or to simply identify your gear, there are a multitude of uses that will look absolutely amazing.

Isotope Reactor Fob Features:

  • 3 tritium bores equally spaced around center spindle shaft
  • Each bore can hold one 3mm x 23mm tritium vial (sometimes specified as 3mm x 22.5 mm)
  • Combine different colored tritium vials for a beautiful effect
  • Ti-6Al-4V titanium spindle and cap
  • Crystal clear, scratch resistant Borosilicate glass window
  • Water resistant O-ring seal on both ends of glass window
  • Bead blasted, uniform matte finish

What you get:

  • (1) TEC Isotope Reactor Fob
  • Packaged with (5) rubber plugs for tritium vial containment (3 required plus 2 spares)
  • (3) 3mm x 22.5mm Tritium Vials of your color choice
  • (5) Glass window O-rings (3 required plus 2 spares)
  • (2) Spindle groove O-rings (1 required plus 1 spare)
  • (1) 11.1 mm [7/16"] diameter split ring for attachment to other items
  • (2) glass windows (1 required plus 1 spare)

Tritium Colur Choice:

  • The Reactor accepts 3 tritium vials - select the colors from the drop-down boxes, you can choose all different colours or as many of each colour as you like.
  • Once you receive your Reactor it is very simple to open and change the pattern of tritium vials in the Triode.
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