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T323-2X PRE

T323-2X PRE

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Tritium vials are included (Two 3x22.5mm vials) - please select two colors from the tritium color choices.

The TEC-T323-2X Isotope Fob is designed around the use of two glass tritium vials, which will glow continuously for many years without the need to charge it from sunlight or UV light. Designated as the PRE model (Picatinny Rail Edition), it takes our original Isotope design to the next level.

With a visual appeal rooted in the military standard rail interface system, this Isotope accepts TWO standard 3mm x 23mm tritium vials for twice the brightness and twice the color! Eight large thru holes allow for maximum tritium visibility, while the virtually indestructible grade 5 titanium housing offers superior protection for the two glass vials. 

Due to the simple yet secure retention method, you can change out the vials anytime you like to achieve different glow colors. Match your favorite sports team, school colors, or to help identify the contents of what you attach it to. 

Complete your EDC collection with the functional and stylish Isotope PRE, which provides just the right amount of light for locating items in the dark. Perfect for attaching it to your keychain, camping gear, zipper pulls on gear bags or jackets, or try it on the pull chain on your ceiling fan. Where will you clip yours?

TEC-T323-2X Isotope PRE Fob Features:

  • Custom designed to hold two standard 3mm x23mm tritium vials (sometimes specified as 3mm x 22.5mm)
  • Bead blasted, uniform matte finish
  • Manufactured from 6Al-4V (grade 5) titanium

What you get:

  • (1) TEC-T323-2X Isotope PRE Fob
  • Two 3 x 22.5mm tritium vials of your color choice
  • (3) Rubber plugs for tritium vial containment (1 required plus 2 spares)
  • (1) 11.1 mm [7/16"] diameter split ring for attachment to other items

Tritium Colur Choice:

  • The Triode accepts 2 tritium vials - select the colors from the drop-down boxes, you can two different colours or two off the same color.
  • Once you receive your fob it is very simple to remove the rubber ring and change the pattern of tritium vials.

Isotope T323-2X PRE Features:

  • Designed to accept 2 tritium vials (included)
  • Each bore can hold one 3mm x 22.5mm vial
  • Combine different colored tritium vials for a beautiful effect
  • Grade 5 titanium housing
  • Bead blasted, uniform matte finish
  • Thru hole for jump ring (included) or ball chain (not included)
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