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TEC Accessories

T323P Isotope Photon Tritium Fob

T323P Isotope Photon Tritium Fob

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Tritium vial is included - select from the color choice

If you are looking for a tritium glow fob with a head-turning wow factor, you have just found it. Introducing the TEC Accessories T323P Isotope Photon. The Photon fob combines a number of unique design features to make it the most advanced tritium lantern available.

The Isotope Photon is designed to hold one single 3mm x 22.5mm glass tritium vial which will glow continuously for many years without the need to charge it from sunlight or UV light. When viewed through the three large windows in the housing, you get an almost unobstructed view of the tritium vial. It is suspended by the end caps of the internal glass cell, looking similar to a radioactive fuel rod in a science fiction movie.

The impressive feature list starts with a grade 5 titanium housing, which allows the fob to withstand an abundance of abuse and still keep glowing. But it's not just the housing that makes it so durable. The internal cell which supports the customer-supplied tritium vial cushions each end with o-rings to reduce potential shock. In addition, the entire tritium cell assembly is spring-loaded into the housing to further enhance the shock absorbing capability. What about the glass tube? Manufactured from durable Borosilicate glass, it is further protected by the housing with the three viewing window frames.

Tritium installation is extremely easy, with no requirements for tools. Simply unscrew the tail cap, remove the tritium cell, and remove one end plug. Drop in the tritium vial and replace the end plug, cell assembly and tail cap. That's it. If you decide to change out the tritium vial at a later time for a different color, it's a one minute job.

Locate your bags in that pitch-black hotel room, find your keys in the dark, or simply have the most unique glowing charm suspended from your car's rear view mirror. Whether you use the Isotope Photon as a functional zipper pull or to simply identify your gear, there are a multitude of uses that will look absolutely amazing.

Isotope Photon Fob Features:

Accepts one 3mm x 22.5mm tritium vial (Included!)
Ti-6Al-4V titanium housing construction
Spring-loaded shock-absorbing design
Crystal clear, scratch resistant Borosilicate glass tube
Water resistant o-ring seal on both ends of glass tube
Bead blasted, uniform matte finish
No-tool tritium installation

What you get:

(1) TEC Isotope Photon Fob
(1) Spare o-ring for tail cap
(2) Spare o-rings for glass cell tube
(1) 11.1 mm [7/16"] diameter split ring for attachment to other items

(1) 3mm x 22.5mm Tritium vial of your colour choice
Note: replacement glass windows are available


The TEC Isotope Photon Fob is a titanium housing with a glass window suitable for mounting a single glass tritium vial (Included)

  • Housing Material: Ti-6Al-4V Titanium
  • Finish: Bead Blasted
  • Glass Window: Borosilicate Glass
  • Outside Diameter: 11.0 mm [0.433"]
  • Overall Length: 64.5 mm [2.54"]
  • Split Ring Hole Size: 3.0 mm [0.118"]
  • Total Assembled Weight (without tritium vial): 10.7 grams [0.377 oz]
  • Total Assembled Weight for (with tritium vial): 10.9 grams [0.381 oz] 
  • Tritium vial is included of your colour choice (Also available without a tritium vial)
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