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Tritium Vial 3.5mm x 25mm Capsule

Tritium Vial 3.5mm x 25mm Capsule

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Trigalight Tritium Vial 3.5mm x 25mm Capsule - Made in Switzerland - These are the original Swiss made Trigalight Tritium capsules as used in many high-end Swiss made watches.

The electric energy in the trigalight is generated by the tritium gas, a beta emitter. When decaying the tritium losses electrons. When such an electron hits the powder layer it is captured and transformed into light.

Tritium vials are self-powered and do not require power, light or other sources to provide illumination!

Ideal for use in TEC Accessories Glow-Fobs and Isotope Fobs, Flashlights and sights.

  • Diameter: 3.5mm
  • Length: 25mm
  • One piece supplied
  • Colour of your choice
    Ideal for:
  • Modifying TEC Accessories Glow Fobs
  • Fit directly into TEC Accessories ISOTOPE Fobs
  • DIY Projects such as pendants, fobs, custom keychains, lanyards, flashlights, sights
Note: Tritium capsules should be handled with care to prevent breakage as the tubes are made from glass.
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